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Hersheypark Happy at any Height

Hersheypark - a great "fit" for families


This story was guest-written by Megan B. - Assistant Manager, Information and Reservations for Hershey Entertainment & ResortsIf you would like to speak with a Reservations specialist about planning your family’s getaway or staycation in Hershey, please call us at 855-299-6316. We would love to help you create your very own sweet memories!

On her first day out of pre-school, my wildly dramatic, just-turned-four-year-old daughter lay sprawled across the living room floor. “Mom,” she sighed, “I wish we could go to Hersheypark again, ‘cause that’s a fun place to go.”

It’s summer vacation, and she knows that means we’ll be at Hersheypark nearly every week. It’s a tradition that started 6 years ago when I began working at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts. As a member of the Information and Reservations team, I have loved spending time with my family in Hersheypark to experience the many can’t-miss moments I recommend to so many of our guests on a regular basis.

On a near-daily basis, team members in the Reservations office speak with guests who are hesitant to include a stop at Hersheypark in their visit to the area because they believe that their kids are too young to enjoy it. Often, these families have children between the ages of two and seven.

It’s easy to understand why our guests might believe that Hersheypark is geared toward teens and adults: with this summer’s addition of Breakers Edge Water Coaster, Hersheypark now boasts fourteen coasters. But Hersheypark is truly an amusement park for the entire family. It includes more than 70 rides and attractions, nearly half of which are available to children under 36” tall. In fact, my son was just out of kindergarten when he reached the Hershey Bar height category (48”-54”), which allows him to ride more rides than any other height category in Hersheypark. There are only five rides that he cannot ride - Fahrenheit, Great Bear, Skyrush, Storm Runner, and, because he’s too tall, Mini Scrambler.

What makes Hersheypark really family-friendly, beyond its collection of rides, is the placement of the rides. Instead of having distinct areas for kiddie rides and thrill rides, Hersheypark seamlessly integrates them, which works to a family’s advantage when a few inches (or a degree of bravery) separates the children. For example, my son loves to start every visit with rides on Comet and sooperdooperLooper. He can ride those coasters with me while my husband takes our daughter for a spin on the Tea Cups and Sweet Swing. Hershey Triple Tower looms over nearby Convoy and Frog Hopper. Livery Stables and Mini Scrambler are just a short walk from Fahrenheit. No matter where you go for big kids or adults, there is something for the smallest members of your party nearby.

Additionally, Hersheypark’s Kiddie Swap program helps families in the event both adults want to ride a coaster without waiting in line separately, or when one parent has two children who both need to be accompanied by a responsible rider.

Children also love the free admission to ZooAmerica that is included with Hersheypark admission and may enjoy teaching the Hershey’s Characters their dance moves at the Character Dance Party outside of Chevrolet Music Box Theatre.

We have created so many sweet memories over the years, and each season brings more Hersheypark happiness to our family; we love getting officially measured and proudly showing off our wristbands, competing on Reese’s Xtreme Cup Challenge, making a splash on Coal Cracker, and spending time together at Hersheypark. While we certainly look forward to the day we can ride every thrill ride as a family, we are content with simply enjoying each giggle and smile and every moment spent at Hersheypark with our young children -- and I truly believe you will enjoy those moments, too.