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Is a road trip to Hersheypark’s Candylane worth it? This Hersheypark Christmas Candylane review will answer all your questions about what to expect on your visit, what is open during Candylane and more!

As one of the #SweetestMoms for Hershey, I’m partnering with them to bring you all the inside tips and tricks to make sure your vacation is nothing but fun!

As a Hershey local, I’ve been visiting Candylane for pretty much my whole life. That’s decades worth of visits and it’s been so fun to watch it evolve over the years! It’s actually my favorite time of year to visit Hersheypark because the crowds are light, the decorations are magical and since only parts of the Park are open, it doesn’t seem quite so overwhelming.


There are over 45 rides open for the Candylane crowds. While most of the roller coasters can’t operate in the cold temperatures, there are a few classic ones that remain open for Candylane including Sooper Dooper Looper, Wildcat and Sidewinder. And even though the Comet isn’t open, be sure to look up at it as you walk by so you can see Santa and his reindeer climbing the hill! It was always one of my favorite parts of Candylane when I was a kid!

Since Candylane is the perfect time to bring the whole family to Hersheypark, there are plenty of kids’ rides open! There are more than 2 dozen rides open during Candylane that are exclusively for younger kids. The best part is that they’re scattered throughout the Park so no matter where you are, chances are good that there will be a ride nearby to entertain the little ones.

My favorite rides at Candylane, though, are the ones that give you the best view of the decorations! The Monorail, Train, Skyview and Kissing Tower are perfect for getting aerial views of all the lights!


Of course, no visit to Candylane is complete without a visit to Santa Claus! You can head up towards the arcade located by the Kissing Tower to see Santa in his house. The best part is that the line is indoors, so even if there’s a little bit of a wait, you’ll be warm!

There are also some photo opps while you wait in line and immediately afterwards so be sure to have your camera ready!

The live reindeer are located in a completely separate section of the Park over in Pioneer Frontier. There are employees on-hand who can tell you lots of fun facts about the individual reindeer and let you touch some reindeer antlers.

In the same pavilion as the reindeer, leave some time to head over to the other side for ice skating! It’s only $3 to rent ice skates and a nice break from walking around! You can grab a cup of hot chocolate there and sit on the bleachers while you let your kids skate off some energy!


You’ll find that a lot of your favorite food options are still available during Candylane! There are definitely some food locations that are closed so be sure to check the Hersheypark website before you head out if you’re looking for something in particular.

Be sure to swing by Simply Chocolate (by the bumper cars) for one of their Candylane exclusive hot chocolates! We tried the Toasted Coconut and Salted Caramel and both were amazing!

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