16:36 PM

Hershey Triple Tower Featured in The Patriot-News

Hersheypark is opening the first choose-your-thrill triple tower in the United States, which is comprised of three drop towers of different heights: Hershey’s Tower, Reese’s Tower and Hershey’s Kisses Tower.

All three rides will run independently of one another, and have separate queues, though all have a minimum height requirement of 48 inches - also known as the Hershey Bar measurement in Hersheypark's measuring system.

As Sean Adams at PennLive says:

"Why build one new ride at an amusement park when you could build three at once instead?

The Triple Tower at Hersheypark seems to be the culmination of that line of thinking: instead of building one drop tower, Hersheypark put in three different rides of varying heights. The ride will be open starting April 8 for Hersheypark's Springtime in the Park."

Sean's article in PennLive includes a video interview with Hersheypark Ride Operations Manager Laura Woodburn, Sean's Snapchat of Hershey Triple Tower and video of the riders ejoying Hershey Triple Tower.

You can read the full article here.