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Hershey Theatre: Entertainment and Architecture

This post originally appeared on mommyentourage.com

This spring I was part of a select group of bloggers who attended the #SweetestMoments tour in Hershey, Pennsylvania. I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life, but was born in Philadelphia and have only been out to central PA a few times. I love the farm landscape of this part of the state, the beauty of the rolling hills in Amish country and the generous restaurants that scatter the different towns.

Hershey is an amazing town, so easily accessible from Philadelphia and New Jersey, and with so much to offer in addition to the famous Hershey Park and Hershey Museum. And I’m here to share one of those gems with you!

The Hershey Theatre offers a multitude of entertainment options and is located in downtown Hershey, central to the shops, restaurants, coffee houses and spas. The Hershey Theatre offers touring Broadway shows, classical music, dance ensembles such as Celtic Thunder, and kids entertainment including Disney Junior.

I am so excited for Finding Neverland, hitting the stage this September and Jersey Boys coming March 2019. You can find their full line up of entertainment on their website and tickets are available on an individual basis or for groups!

The best kept secret about the Hershey Theatre is the classic and breathtaking beauty in the architecture of the building itself. Opened in 1933, the theatre was part of Milton Hershey’s Great Building Plan of the Depression, the theatre boasts 1904 seats.

Upon walking into the theatre, you’re immediately surrounded by quality workmanship and beauty. There are floor to ceiling details including a floor of Italian lava rock. When you gaze upwards, you’ll find a detailed ceiling featuring swans, beehives, sheaves of wheat, and ancient war chariots.

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