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Hershey Sweet Lights Tips + POV GoPro Video

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Have you ever taken a drive through Hershey Sweet Lights during the Christmas season? With over 600 illuminated displays spanning 2 miles, it is a family-friendly festive activity to enjoy with both young and old!

Tips for Hershey Sweet Lights

1. Admission is required and is paid per car, not per person. Admission is available for purchase at the Sweet Lights entrance, at Hersheypark and also online.

2. Weekends tend to be the busiest times, especially as Christmas gets closer. Peak times can include a wait on the road just to get into Sweet Lights. For the least amount of wait time, consider visiting mid-week.

3. Tune in: look for signs when you pull in that list the radio FM station to tune to. The lights are synced to this music!

4. Limited concessions can be purchased at the Sweet Lights entrance including hot chocolate and popcorn. If you are in Hersheypark before heading to Sweet Lights, we recommend picking up some desserts in the park or over at Chocolate World to enjoy in your car as you drive through Sweet Lights.

5. There is a pull off with bathroom facilities about halfway through the trail.

6. The average drive through Sweet Lights takes about half hour with minimal traffic. Plan on it taking up to an hour or more during peak times.

7. There is an emergency exit about halfway through the trail (before the bathroom pull off). If you need to exit for any reason, this is the spot to do so. Otherwise, you will be stuck on the trail in the woods without a way to exit.

Have you driven through Sweet Lights? What would you add to our list?

GoPro POV Hershey Sweet Lights

A couple of weeks ago, we were in Hershey for their media preview night of Hersheypark’s Christmas Candylane. Even though we are going to spend a weekend in Hershey in late December, we decided to take the kids through Sweet Lights 2 weeks ago before the crowds swelled. Oh a whim, we tossed the GoPro on top of the car and turned it on before we entered the light display. The result was actually a pretty awesome POV (point of view) video of driving through Sweet Lights!!


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