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Hershey Destination Weddings - One Town, Many Sweet Locations!

During the first weekend in February, Hershey Country Club, The Hotel Hershey, Hershey Lodge and The Hershey Gardens were lucky to participate in the Baltimore Wedding Experience at the Baltimore Convention Center. This event hosts hundreds of wedding vendors, from caterers to photographers to wedding gowns - this event is a newly engaged bride’s dream!

During this two-day event, a team of talented event staff from Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) wedding venues collaborated to create the perfect booth where brides and couples could come and truly learn about Hershey as a haven to make their wedding dreams come true.

Hollynn Paul, representing The Hotel Hershey commented on how fun it was to see those in her same role from other properties promote wedding and events. It was a wealth of knowledge to work with the other properties to share our passion for weddings and events. I was so interested to sell Hershey as a destination to the brides that we met. I was inspired by how everyone came together to spotlight all of Hershey!”

Joining Hollynn at the Baltimore Wedding Experience were fellow wedding experts Amanda Crouse and Keighla Fetty, Manager and Assistant Manager of Catering and Events at Hershey Country Club; Amy Shadday, Catering Manager at Hershey Lodge; and Lisa Sevret, Manager of Catering and Events at Hershey Gardens. The team worked together to showcase what sets them apart from other destinations.

Fetty expressed her excitement of working to promote weddings in the town known for chocolate. “It was so great to come together and not only learn what all Hershey has to offer, but to see the excitement from brides and couples when they learned about all the opportunities they would have if they decide to get married in Hershey.”

The team enjoyed collaborating with each other to create this one-of-a-kind look into what HE&R offers for your sweet beginning. To learn more about what HE&R showcased at the Baltimore Wedding Experience please watch the video below.

Contributor: Emily Strange, Hershey Country Club Communications Coordinator

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