09:46 AM

Hershey Community Garden Offers Peace to ALS Families

This story originally appeared on ABC27.com

The ALS plot at the Hershey Community Garden is offering hope and peace to families affected by the disease. Derry Township residents Dave and Jen Warren started it for members of the Central PA ALS Support Group this year. The goal of this plot is to provide hope for people with the disease and their loved ones.

"It's amazing to get out of the house and it's peaceful," said Jen Warren. It's calm, quiet and beautiful. The ALS plot is right next to the garden's entrance, so that it's easily accessible. Members of the Central PA ALS Support Group take care of the garden.

Lura Sawyer, whose husband has ALS, coordinates the care of the plants. "He does not move at all. He does not speak at all," said Sawyer. "For him, I think it's just out of the house, out of bed." Sawyer says her world is often silent, so the plot gives her the opportunity to bond with other families battling the disease.

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