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HE&R Team Members Celebrate Women's History Month 2022

Meet Lindsey Campbell, a team member of Hershey Lodge. As Director of Recreation, Lindsey started at the Lodge 13 years ago as a recreation coordinator.  When asked what her favorite thing about working at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is, Lindsey said, “...the Hershey name. No matter where you go, it does not matter if people are asking about Hersheypark, Milton Hershey, or candy - it is fun because the brand name is so recognizable.” Lindsey also notes that she loves being part of a department where she watches young adults starting their career journey gain experience and grow professionally. 

To Lindsey, Women’s History Month means being part of a group of strong, empowering female leaders who have found a balance in such a fast-paced industry. 

Lindsey Campbell

“Women are not only career women but also mothers, daughters, sisters, and community leaders making an impact and using their voices. As a mother and friend, those are all the things I strive to be. It is so nice to just be a small part of it,” said Lindsey.

Lindsey Campbell

Meet Lisa Howard-Sitler, attractions training and performance manager at the Hersheypark Entertainment Complex. A member of our team for 15 years, Lisa’s career journey began in the Attractions department at Hersheypark. A few years ago, she tackled a new role as manager of guest engagement. Lisa had the opportunity to learn another side of the business, including ticketing services and guest communication.

“My favorite part of working at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts has to be the people. It is the easiest question to answer when someone asks. I love what I do, but every day I get to come to work and be part of a team that is like a family,” she said.  

To Lisa, Women’s History Month provides a chance to pause and reflect on all of the women's contributions and acknowledge the sacrifices women continue to make.

Lisa Howard-Sitler

“It is an opportunity to look to the future, to empower women and for women to empower other women. I think that is important.” 

Lisa Howard-Sitler

Meet Crystal Santiago, a senior benefits analyst with our organization. Although Crystal is relatively new to the company, she quickly discovered that her favorite part of Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is the team. “I really like my team. I’ve seen the core value of being Team-Focused not just on my team, but across the company,” Crystal enthusiastically shared. 

To Crystal, Women’s History Month is an acknowledgment of all the things women have been doing for centuries.

Crystal Santiago

“It is a way to encourage and inspire women to push boundaries and step into new ventures. This month motivates women to try new things, not to be fearful, and to step outside the box,” she said.

Crystal Santiago

Taylor Gibson, a coordinator on our Resorts Sales team. 

Taylor has enjoyed showing her clients our beautiful properties in her seven months with the company. “It never gets old seeing their faces light up. I enjoy helping them create memorable experiences,” she said. 

When asked what her favorite thing is about working at Hershey Entertainment & Resorts, Taylor shares, “Although there are a lot of perks of the job, it is great knowing that the work we do goes back to helping Milton Hershey School students!”  

According to Taylor, Women’s History Month is a time to appreciate our past and present female leaders.

Taylor Gibson

 “As I look back, I realize that the women I most admire have something in common - they dedicated their lives to serving others. I am in awe at their accomplishments and dedication to servant leadership.” 

Taylor Gibson

To join our team and be part of our legacy, visit HersheyJobs.com for a list of available full and part-time positions plus internships.  We are hiring across our properties throughout an array of departments. 

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts is committed to fostering a stronger internal culture of advocacy and inclusion to help team members share their voices and collectively effect change. We are expanding on existing initiatives and creating new programs to develop additional avenues of progress for team members from diverse heritages.