09:50 AM

HE&R Celebrates Earth Day All Year Long

Even though Earth Day is honored and celebrated one day of the year, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts (HE&R) recognizes the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling every day. HE&R continuously works with employees, guests, suppliers and partners on ways to reduce our environmental footprint. Through HE&R's concentrated recycling efforts, in 2018 the company conserved the following resources:

  • 80.9 tons of paper.
  • 8.1 tons of plastic.
  • 8.1 tons of aluminum.
  • 242.8 tons of cardboard.
  • 27,977 gallons of used cooking oil.
  • 28.3 tons of glass.
  • 2,000 lbs of crayons donated to The Crayon Initiative from all company restaurants.
  • 2,775 lbs of fresh produce donated from Hershey Community Garden.
  • 4,073 lbs of soap bars and plastic bottles donated to Clean the World.
  • 18.6 million printed pieces had at least 10% recycled content.
  • 4,857 mature trees: Enough to produce 60,177,813 sheets of newspaper.
  • 1,331 cubic yards of landfill space: Enough airspace to meet the disposal needs of 1,709 people.
  • 587,134 kW-hrs of electricity: Enough to power 56 hones for a full year.
  • 1,313 metric tons of CO2 equivalent: Preventing greenhouse gas emissions
  • 2,266,584 gallons of water: Enough to meet the fresh water needs of 30,221 people for a year.