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Happy National Dessert Day from The Hotel Hershey

#NationalDessertDay in Hershey, PA would not be the right without mention of the delicious desserts that come out of Executive Pastry Chef Cher Harris’ Kitchen.

From beautiful wedding cakes to small pastries and cookies, Chef Cher dominates the dessert world. She most recently was named Pastry Chef of the Year by the American Culinary Federation. Read more about the competition here.

In honor of National Dessert Day she shares a recipe for a seasonal favorite, White Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding. Enjoy!


White Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding


For Bread Pudding:

10oz Whole Eggs

5oz Pumpkin Puree

5oz Granulated Sugar

6oz Brown Sugar

22 fl oz Heavy Cream

20oz White Chocolate

1 tsp Cinnamon

5 lrg Chopped Croissants

4oz Chopped Dried Cranberries

16 muffin tin.

For Warm Buttered Brandy Sauce:

4oz Butter

9oz Brown Sugar

3.5fl oz Cream

1.5 fl oz Lt. Corn Syrup

1oz Brandy

Instructions For White Chocolate Pumpkin Bread Pudding:

  1. Whisk together whole eggs, pumpkin puree, granulated sugar and brown sugar.

  2. Heat the heavy cream to simmering.

  3. Add chocolate to cream and whisk smooth.

  4. Temper over the egg mixture.

  5. Pour egg/chocolate mixture over chopped croissants and cranberries. Allow to soak until croissants are not floating and fully saturated.

  6. Portion into greased and sugared muffin tins. Cover and place in water bath to bake at 300 degrees for approximately 1 hour, plus 30 minutes uncovered.

Instructions for Warm Buttered Brandy Sauce:

  1. Melt butter.

  2. Add to saucepan brown sugar, cream and corn syrup. Boil for 1 minute and remove from heat.

  3. Add Brandy.

  4. Pour over Bread Pudding.

Share with us your bread pudding creations using the hashtags #NationalDessertDay and #HersheyPA!