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Guide to Riding All 13 Roller Coasters at Hersheypark in One Day

Are you up for a challenge? How about riding all 13 roller coasters at Hersheypark in one day. 


It can be done. Here's proof. 

If you are going to try, here are some inside tips that will help you get to all 13.

Don't ride alone.

Riding coasters is more fun with other people. Here are some discounts so you can save money on Hersheypark tickets.

Get there early. Or the night before.

No matter what type of ticket you buy for Hersheypark, you are entitled to a free preview the night before which means you can go to Hersheypark 2 and a half hours before it closes. This way you can ride a few coasters and even see the sunset.

Download the Hersheypark App. 

If you have the app you can see wait times at each roller coaster. That way you can make the most of your time and strategically plan your rides.

Pack light & wear sneakers. 

Before you go, think about what you absolutely need to bring with you. There are lockers at every roller coaster to drop your bag, but it might slow you down. And don't wear flip flops. On rides like Skyrush and Great Bear, you will have to take them off. Plus, sneakers will help you get from one end of the 110 acre park to the other as fast as possible.

Get on Laff Trakk early. 

It is at the back of the park and if you go first thing in the morning it will likely be the shortest wait time of the day.

Get the outside front seat on Skyrush. 


Mix in the mild coasters with the more intense ones. 

The roller coasters at Hersheypark range from mild to wild so we suggest starting small with Cocoa Cruiser and Trailblazer.

Don't underestimate Wild Mouse. 

While it might look like a kiddie ride this is probably one of the more thrilling coasters in Hersheypark.

When the lines get too long, take a break for lunch. 



Buy yourself a t-shirt to celebrate and a souvenir of your accomplishment!


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Have you ridden all 13? Share your pictures with us using #HersheyparkHappy! If roller coasters aren't your thing, you can always watch the roller coaster POV videos

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