11:00 AM

Golf and GPS?

In April, Hershey Country Club (HCC) received a new fleet of 144 golf carts. The staff, as well as the members, were excited for this new addition. The chocolate brown golf carts with bucket seats have a GPS system which provides golfers with yardages to different points on the hole as well as to the green. They can also view the hole while standing on the tee.

The new golf carts have a 7-inch screen with many bells and whistles on it. Tournament information can be loaded so players can enter their scores right on the screen, eliminating the need for paper scorecards. As an added bonus, when a player participating in an event comes to the cart staging area, their name is displayed on the screen. In addition, sponsor signs can now be uploaded on the screen and displayed at various times throughout the round, eliminating sponsor signs on the course.

The carts are also speed controlled within the system. High traffic areas slow the cart down to 10 miles per hour, but otherwise, the carts are programmed at 14 miles per hour. The system also allows our turf maintenance team to control where the carts go on each hole. The Club has designated “action zones” on each hole – which are mainly tee boxes and greens – so that a message will pop up prompting players to please stay out of that area. At any time, if an area needs to be blocked off, the GPS system can be programmed to each individual cart.

Pace of play can be monitored electronically now as the GPS system allows HCC to know exactly how long the group is taking to play golf. If a group is behind the recommended pace of play, a message can be sent to the group stating they are behind pace of play. Finally, weather alerts can be sent out to the players in the golf carts at any time.

It’s exciting to hear the common phrase that many players have said upon arrival is, “Wow, look at these carts!”

Hershey Country Club boasts two award-winning courses and 36 championship holes of golf. It’s open only to HCC Members, their guests and guests staying at Hershey Resorts. For additional information on The Club, please visit their website.

Contributed by Sara Muldoon