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Going Wild Feeding Mountain Lions at ZooAmerica – Early Bird Tour

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I don’t know about you but I have some serious little explorers in my home if they aren’t exploring the depths of their closets. Which should have been cleaned days ago, they are traveling the world with me looking for new adventures. That’s why when I found out that ZooAmerica in Hersheypark not only had an After Hours Guided Tour, but they had a completely different experience for the ZooAmerica Early Bird Guided Tour. A total bucket list type of adventure where you get to feed not only Wolves but Mountain Lions too!

The morning starts off bright and early when the park is still closed off to the public, if you want to feel like a VIP then this is the type of adventure for you. Not only are you the only ones to arrive for this tour but you are ushered through the park with your very own pair of tour guides. This is definitely your go to time for asking those questions that you have been itching to ask since you were a kid. I’m pretty sure I drove our guide crazy with the many questions I came up with for these beautiful animals.

Seeing as it’s the morning time I’m sure you can understand why some of the beautiful creatures you will be meeting during the tour will be looking at you anxiously for food. I won’t lie though, yes you do look tasty but they are just waiting for the handlers to feed them during their normally scheduled feeding times. I know the beautiful cat above looks super soft and cuddly do no attempt to cuddle this guy or take him home (I asked it’s not possible).

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