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Get to Know the Jurassic World Live Tour Dinosaurs

Jurassic World Live Tour is Coming to Giant Center Nov. 21-24

Take a trip to Isla Nublar next week when Jurassic World Live Tour comes to Hershey, PA, bringing dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes to Giant Center arena! From the Tyrannosaurus Rex to the Baby Stegosaurus, guests will have the opportunity to see all of their favorite dinosaurs live on stage. 


  • Jurassic World Live Tour features more than 21 dinosaurs including 7 species: Stegosaurus, Raptor, Triceratops, I-Rex, Pteranodon, Tyrannosaurus Rex and Troodon. 
  • The show includes both animatronic and performer-operated dinosaurs.
  • The only place you are able to see the iconic Tyrannosaurus Rex walking around is Jurassic World Live Tour. 
  • A brand-new dinosaur will be added to the Jurassic World story - a Troodon named Jeanie. 
  • Olive, the Baby Stegosaurus, is six feet tall and 10 feet long. 

Check out some photos of the dinosaurs below!



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