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Get #HersheyparkHappy with a sweet King Sized Shake

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We all know that Hershey PA is chocolate town USA a place filled with everything chocolate you can imagine, from treats to chocolate-themed rides at HersheyPark. You can get your fill of chocolate candy, fudge, cupcakes, cookies and I could just go on and on! But there is one treat I have never seen before, at the park, a treat that stopped me in my tracks and I said I have to have that! Mind you it was raining, so you know this has to be something special to make us stop... Oh, and it is! I would like to introduce you all to Simply Chocolate, a food location at HersheyPark. This seems just like any old food location, but they serve something that is out of this world amazing... The King Size Shake!

Sure we have all had milkshakes in our days, a creamy treat that we all love... But this is unlike any milkshake I have ever seen before in my life! As you walk up to Simply Chocolate, you are greeted by the King Sized Shake menu. What will it be for you today? An enormous Kisses Chocolate shake complete with a full sized cookie on the top, or a Hershey's Chocolate bar shake, topped with a cupcake? Hmm? 

Well since to me there is nothing better than the combination of peanut butter and chocolate, the Reeses shake was the obvious choice for us! The shake was filled with a peanut butter and chocolate milkshake and topped with two full sized pretzel rods dipped in more chocolate. 

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