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Four New Hersheypark Treats for 2019! ~ #HersheyparkHappy

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With the nickname like The Sweetest Place on Earth!, you know you are bound to find deliciously tasty treats in Hershey, PA! Every year Hersheypark Amusement Parkunveils new eats to delight the taste buds of guests, and this year was no different. Today I’m chatting about four new tasty treats at Hersheypark that you do not want to miss on your next visit!

Over the weekend, my son and I headed off for getaway in Hershey, PA, excited to experience the new Reese’s Cupfusion for ourselves! While spending time in Hersheypark, I couldn’t help but notice a few sweet additions worth checking out.

King Size Shake – Mint the Merciless

As I mentioned in a previous post, in honor of the new attraction, Hersheypark has released a number of new sweet treats, re-themed for Reese’s Cupfusion! Simply Chocolate’s King Size Shakes are easily a fan favorite in the Park! They are so popular, that Hersheypark opened The Swirl last year, featuring their own King Size Shakestoo. As we passed Simply Chocolate, located in Founder’s Way, I couldn’t help but notice a new sign… featuring all new flavors for 2019!

One of the flavors featured is Reese’s Cupfusion, which is a chocolate peanut butter shake with a topping of a peanut butter tart and chocolate covered pretzels! Another flavor is the Slither & Squirm, which is a chocolate shake, featuring a chocolate cupcake, chocolate covered pretzels, and of course “slithering” gummy worms.

We decided to try the third flavor, Mint the Merciless! Trust me when I say if you are a fan of mint chocolate, this is the shake for you!

Mint the Merciless King Size Shake is a mint chocolate shake which features a topping of a mint chocolate cake roll and chocolate covered pretzels! I think my favorite part was the cake roll… delicious! 

Commander Cup Cookie Dough Dipper

Over at the Turkey Hill Creamery, located in the Pioneer Frontier, you can find delicious Dipped Desserts at Hersheypark.

The dippers include Mint the Merciless Dipper, which is edible brownie batter dipped in chocolate and covered in crushed Hershey’s Mint Cookie Crunch Bar; and the Cookies n’ Creme Cheesecake Dipper, which is cheesecake dipped in chocolate and covered in Oreo cookie. As for the dipper we tried, we went with the Commander Cup Dipper, named for the Reese’s Cupfusion character.

This dipper features edible peanut butter cookie dough, dipped in chocolate and covered with orange and yellow sprinkles! Delicious! If you’re a fan of cookie dough, you need to try this dipper.

Jolly Drop

BBLz is a one-of-a-kind beverage experience at Hersheypark, located over in Kissing Tower Hill. We’ve been huge fans of this soft drink mixology station since they opened across from the Hershey’s Triple Towers back in 2017. I love that BBLz features unique flavor and ingredient combinations, adding new flavors to the menu each year. This year BBLz added Jolly Drop and Chocolate PB Fusion!

I decided to try the Jolly Drop, which uses refreshing Sierra Mist in its concoction!

The Jolly Drop features Sierra Mist, with vanilla flavor and vanilla foam, plus popping candy! The beverage features a topping of vanilla frosting, Jolly Rancher Bites, and sprinkles.

As for my son, I think he may be have been a little chocolate-peanut-buttered-out… opting for last year’s new flavor of the Lemon-Berry Wave. But I can’t blame him! It’s a delicious flavor, and just like the Jolly Drop, it’s quite refreshing on a hot day.

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