Hershey, PA would not be considered The Sweetest Place On Earth without all of the extravagant, mouth-watering eats and sweets found across the destination. Keep scrolling to see some of Hershey's most elaborate foods that are sure to make your jaw drop. 

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The Bavarian Pretzel Cheese Board at Harvest

This completely edible meat and cheese board is designed to give foodies a taste of the delicious local and regional flavors of Pennsylvania and the surrounding area all on one plate. Found at  Harvest, the farm-to-fork restaurant at The Hotel Hershey, the Bavarian Pretzel Cheese Board contains artisan cheeses, PA bologna, salami, smoked sausage, savory Virginia ham, plus an assortment of fruits and nuts, all served on top of a hearty Bavarian soft pretzel. A mustard dipping sauce comes on the side as well as a delicious beer cheese sauce made by neighborhood brewery, Troegs Independent Brewing. 

Harvest offers a fresh take on American cuisine perfect for the entire family. The menu features seasonal fare and a beer, wine, and cocktail list. Also at Harvest is a relaxing tavern area and gaming parlor with pool tables and shuffleboard. To view their full menu or make a reservation, click here.

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Milkshakes at The Chocolatier

The over-the-top milkshakes found at The Chocolatier, located in the Hershey's Chocolatetown region at Hersheypark, are a crowd favorite and it's easy to see why. These rich, creamy, milkshakes stand over 12 inches tall and are embellished with decadent layers of cakes, cotton candy, and other sweet treats that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. One of their signatures is the Over-The-Top Hershey's Chocolate Milkshake. A chocolate milkshake is topped with a dark chocolate layer cake, chocolate sprinkle-dipped pretzel stick, whipped cream, in a chocolate chip decorated glass.

New to the menu this season is the Summer Peach Milkshake and Hersheypark Happy Milkshake, the latter of which is topped with cotton candy, caramel popcorn, and a rainbow lollipop. Read their descriptions and view the new menu here.

Skillet S'mores Fondue (1)

Skillet S'mores Fondue at Fire & Grain

Enjoy a taste of Hershey with the Skillet S'mores Fondue located at Fire & Grain inside Hershey Lodge. This heavenly dessert comes in a warm skillet filled with rich, melted Hershey's dark chocolate, topped with perfectly toasted marshmallows, and served with a spread of flaky graham crackers. Paired with the elegant fire wall located inside the restaurant, this is a s’mores roast you will never forget. 

Fire & Grain offers an innovative twist on classic comfort food and cocktails for both breakfast and dinner daily. Or, stop by between 4 and 6 p.m. and enjoy their sweet happy hour deals. View all of the menus here.

The Chocolatier_Ferris Wheel Sampler

The Ferris Wheel Sampler at The Chocolatier

The Ferris Wheel Sampler at The Chocolatier serves five delicious appetizers with an innovative Hershey twist. Chocolate barbecue wings, crispy mozzarella, classic chicken tenders, buffalo chicken dip, and soft pretzel dippers each have a seat on the iconic Ferris Wheel and will become the centerpiece of the table for those who order this fun fare. It's perfect for small groups and families looking for a taste of all the classic amusement park eats.

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King Size Donuts at Hersheypark

Looking for a big, gooey, sugar-coated pick-me-up during your day at Hersheypark? Look no further than the King Size Donuts found at Cookies & Donuts, located inside the park in Founder's Way. These donuts are the size of an entire plate and are the true test of if your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Some may recommend no roller coasters for at least 20 minutes after eating one of these. But, if you can't wait, Cookies & Donuts offers a glass of milk to wash it all down. 

See their donut flavors here.

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Foods in Hershey, PA You Need to See to Believe