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Five Fun Facts About Anastasia The Musical in Hershey

Anastasia comes to Hershey Theatre July 26-31, 2022

There are less than two weeks until the curtain goes up for “Anastasia” at Hershey Theatre on July 26-31! Whether you’re familiar with Anastasia’s incredible journey or are simply looking for a dazzling Broadway show to experience this summer in Hershey, here are some fun facts to get you ready for showtime! 


1. This Broadway musical is inspired by the 1997 animated film of the same name. 

While the names are identical, the Broadway adaptation has its own unique twist on the story of the lost princess.

2. The character of "Anastasia" is based on real-life Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia.

The play itself is historical fiction, but writers have been inspired by the mystery of her life and death, and how it is theorized that she escaped the execution of her family.

3.  The mystical villain, Rasputin, has been replaced with a more historically accurate antagonist, Gleb.

As a Bolshevik general, he is torn between his loyalty to the communist regime and his growing feelings for Anastasia.

4. Anastasia’s dress, from draping to completion, took over 120 hours and four people to create.

The dress itself weighs 3.5 pounds and has four layers of fabric, including a train.

5. Fans are a major prop used in the performance because of their historical significance at this time.

During grand palace balls, female guests used fan movements to convey clear messages to their male counterparts. Take a look at some translations below: 

  • The fan is opened and the lady waves a suitor away – “I am married.” 
  • The fan is closed – “I am not interested.” 
  • One petal of the fan is opened – “I’d like to get to know you.” 
  • The fan is completely open – “You are my idol!”

More About the Show

The romantic and adventure-filled new musical “Anastasia” is at home in Hershey at last. Journey to the past as this show will transport you from the twilight of the Russian Empire to the euphoria of Paris in the 1920s, as a brave young woman ventures out to discover the mystery of her home, love and family.


Hershey Theatre opened in September 1933. It has established itself as the area’s premier performing arts center, presenting the finest in touring Broadway shows, classical music and world-renowned entertainers.