February 2022 ZooAmerica Pass Holder Newsletter

Dear Pass Holders,

We hope you enjoyed the first edition of our newsletter exclusively for you! We're always open to feedback, so please let us know if you have a specific topic or update you are interested in seeing included in an upcoming newsletter. 

February is a sweet month at ZooAmerica. We are hosting Fantastic Fridays where guests can enjoy 50% off regular and junior/senior admission  every Friday in February when purchasing a ticket at the Admissions building. Tell your friends and family - it's a sweet deal! 

Since it's the season of love (and chocolate, of course), we are going to include some chocolate-themed activities as part of our animal enrichment this month. You can see the activities with certain animals in person on Saturdays at 1 p.m. The schedule is available here. We'll share some photos on our Facebook page, as well. 

See you soon,
Dale Snyder, Assistant Director of Animal Care and Operations, and Elaine Gruin, Assistant Director of Education and Engagement

Stacked torts at ZooAmericaDesert Tortoise Hatchling Check-Up

We are approaching the half-birthday of our four Desert Tortoise hatchlings on February 22, 2022. 

Find out how they are doing here.

IMG_9437NEW! Photos of Animals in Snow

During a recent winter storm, our team captured some photos of the animals enjoying the snow. 

See the photos here.

Snow owl at ZooAmericaAnimal Spotlight: Snowy Owl

ZooAmerica is home to two snowy owls who quite comfortable perched on the snow during Pennsylvania winters. 

Click here to learn more.

Male Regal Fritillary Butterfly at ZooAmerica CroppedZooAmerica Conservation News

This month, we are sharing an update on the Regal Fritillary Butterfly Project.

Learn more here.