09:59 AM

Every Day Should be Grandparents Day

Sunday, September 11 is National Grandparents Day. Unfortunately I won’t be with my three grandsons on that day, but I will be thinking about all the great times we have shared.

This holiday began in 1978 and I know all my “grandparent” friends are happy for the national recognition! I remember before my first grandson was born (he is eight years old now) my friends told me that having grandchildren was the best thing that ever happened to them. I also remember questioning that at the time; but the day my first grandchild was born, my life took on a whole new meaning. I got it!

I hope you will indulge me as I share some favorite memories. I love just remembering all the smiles and happiness we have shared at different locations around Hershey, which is where we seem to end up most of the time.


ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park After Hours Tour. I am starting with the very best time I ever had with my sons, their wives and my grandsons. For two hours, we were a Team, exploring new adventures behind-the-scenes at the Zoo. No fighting, no poking at each other and NO CELL PHONES! How often does that happen? The three little guys were able to do all the things their dad and uncle did and that’s big stuff! From holding an owl to feeding a bear, we were all in. I still remember the look of awe on all the faces. Two adults proclaimed: “This is the best thing I have ever done.” And, to think, Grandma planned the adventure!

Hersheypark. I will never forget my two older grandsons’ first ride on a roller coaster. It was Trailblazer and I was there with them as they shouted “Bestest coaster ever grandma!” I have never enjoyed a ride as much as their first coaster experience. I also bravely put on my bathing suit and joined them in the Intercoastal Waterway (Lazy River). We bounced and floated along, all of us trying to take the lead. I think we were in the water for about 30 minutes and I laughed the entire time.

Hersheypark Camping Resort. OK, so some might call it “glamping,” but it is a campground and we did have a bonfire. Staying in the deluxe cabin was so much fun. We grilled hot dogs, hamburgers and even made S’mores for dessert. My middle grandson, who was six at the time, is afraid of the dark so we shared the double bottom bunk. In the middle of the night I carefully crawled out and moved to the single bunk so I could sleep without hanging on the edge of the mattress. But, he woke up and quickly jumped in beside me and then promptly fell out. I thought that would end my sleep for the night but he crawled back and slept until the sun came out. Luckily there are three gorgeous swimming pools (including a children’s wading pool) open in summertime, an outdoor playground and lots of grass to roll around on; he certainly was tired out.

Those are my Top 3. As all grandparents know, I could go on and on, but I will stop with my memories here, in hopes that you will share some of your memories with me.

In closing, I want to wish all the lucky grandmas and grandpas a very Happy Grandparents Day!