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Dirty Dancing Coming to Hershey Theatre

Are you a Dirty Dancing Expert?

Dirty Dancing is coming to the Hershey Theatre March 23-25th! Many people have seen the movie Dirty Dancing, so why not test out your knowledge with a little trivia?

1) Finish this line: “No one puts…”

2) What is Baby’s real name?

3) Name the resort where the story takes place.

4) What is Johnny’s job at Kellerman’s?

5) What year does the story take place?

6) Name one of the cities where the film was shot. (Multiple choice: Lake Lure, NC; Mountain Lake, VA; Vancouver, BC; Seattle, WA

7) What year was the movie released?

8) This massive box office hit also touted an amazing soundtrack with the hit song “(I’ve Had) The Time of my Life.” What awards has this song won? (Multiple choice: Golden Globe, Academy Award, Grammy or all of the above.)

9)  What’s the name of Johnny’s bodacious blonde dance partner?

10) Who got her pregnant?

11) TRUE OR FALSE: Eleanor Bergstein - who wrote both the movie and the stage musical - chose the songs for the soundtrack of the film before she wrote the story.

12) What fruit is Baby carrying when she first enters the staff dance party?

13)The original movie was made on a shoestring budget. How much did it cost to make?

14) What does Baby's father do for a living?

15) What type of dance do Baby and Johnny perform when she fills in for Penny at another resort?

Time for the answers!

1A: “Baby in a corner.”

2A: Frances Houseman

3A: Kellerman’s

4A: Dance instructor

5A: 1963

6A: Lake Lure, NC or Mountain Lake, VA

7A: 1987

8A: All of the above. Golden Globe (Best Original Song), Academy Award (Best Original Song) and Grammy (Best Pop Performance by a Duo).

9A: Penny

10A: Robbie, Lisa’s boyfriend


12A: A watermelon.

13A: $5 million. (The movie grossed $170 million worldwide.)

14A: He's a doctor.

15A: The mambo

There are still tickets available to see Dirty Dancing at Hershey Theatre. You can head to www.HersheyEntertainment.com or go to the Hershey Theatre box office. 

Hershey Theatre opened in September 1933. It has established itself as the area’s premier performing arts center, presenting the finest in touring Broadway shows, classical music and world-renowned entertainers. 

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