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Chocolate and Football? YES!

Chocolate-Infused Recipes for the Big Game

The Big Game is almost here! If you’re hosting a party, or going as a guest, these savory and sweet chocolate-infused recipes are sure to score a touchdown.


Wings are a staple at any sports-related party, especially for the Big Game on Sunday! Fry up your own or order them without sauce from your favorite spot, and top with these sauces:
Chocolate-Chili Barbecue Sauce from The Hotel Hershey
Spicy Strawberry and Hershey’s Chocolate Barbecue Sauce from The Hotel Hershey
Chocolate Barbecue Sauce from Hersheypark Entertainment Complex

Houlihan's Fresh Crisp Fries

Instead of opening up a bag of frozen French Fries, make your own! Houlihan’s Restaurant + Bar in Downtown Hershey has the perfect recipe for fresh, crisp fries.

The perfect accompaniment for fries? Chocolate Ketchup, of course! Try this recipe from Hershey Lodge.

Here are a few more recipes to add to the table:
Cocoa Canyon Chocolate Baked Beans from Hersheypark Entertainment Complex
White Chocolate and Crab Deviled Eggs from The Hotel Hershey
Chocolate Chip Cheese Ball from Hershey Lodge
Mudslide Cookies from Hershey Lodge
Chocolate Chip Cookies from Hersheypark Entertainment Complex

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