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Chef Ken Gladysz, Executive Chef at The Hotel Hershey, Thinks You Should Join Us for the Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire

On February 2, 2018 the Castilian Room at The Hotel Hershey hosts the most decadent, delicious and chocolate-inspired meal of the year, the Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire. The event serves as the kickoff to our 14th annual Chocolate-Covered February, a month-long, town-wide celebration of all things chocolate. Read more about all the events here.

Chef Ken Gladysz, Executive Chef at The Hotel Hershey, loves this event and we asked him a few questions about why:

1. What dish on the Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire is your favorite?

This year we are going to do a Dark Chocolate Braised Pork Shank. This is a great cut that is under utilized. The dark chocolate really compliments the pork, and gives the shank a dark and appetizing look. Pork I feel is underused, and at this event it really gets the chance to shine.

2. Other than the food what is your favorite part of the Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire?

It gives my team and I a little change from our normal routines, and challenges us to come up with interesting, and new ways to expose our guests to chocolate. Hopefully in ways that they might have never thought about before. For me change is good, and you need to challenge yourself as a chef all the time

3. Why would you recommend guests experience the Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire?

It’s a great event! The menu is always new, the wine pairings are all well thought out and it is a great way to experience an iconic ingredient, like chocolate, in a totally different way! The atmosphere of the dinner is also always upbeat and fun and exciting to be a part of.

4. For those who may not be able to make the Chocolate Dinner Extraordinaire or want to be more experimental with sweeter ingredients at home what advice do you have?

Adding any sweeteners to cooking is very dangerous, and can go wrong quickly. Professionally we get most of our sweetners from vegetables naturally high in sugar. In the cooking process the sugars release to give you that sweeter flavor. If you are going to use any sweeteners finish the dish with them, don’t cook them into the dish.

This event is recommended for couples. $94.50 per person (inclusive of tax & gratuity); add a wine pairing with dinner: $54 per person (inclusive of tax & gratuity). Limited seating; reservations are required, call 717-534-8800.