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Celebrate National S’mores Week 2022 at Hersheypark

Guide to 19 S'mores Treats Across the Park Available August 8-14

There's nothing sweeter than s'mores in the summertime. At Hersheypark, we're not just celebrating National S'mores Day on August 10, we're celebrating the holiday for an entire week! From August 8-14 guests at the Park can visit multiple dining locations and enjoy some delicious chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker sweets. We created this guide to ALL 19 (yes, you read that right) s’mores-inspired treats. Take a look: 

1. S'mores King Size Shake 

Hershey is the king of king-sized sweets, and our S’mores King Size Shake is no exception! The chocolate-based shake has toasted marshmallow flavoring and is topped with chocolate-covered marshmallows and a stuffed s’more cookie.

Available at Simply Chocolate. $15.95

2. S'mores King Size Donut

Located at 1906 Grill in Hersheypark, Cookies & Donuts will be offering a S’mores King Size Donut to guests. The S’mores King Size Donut is a delicious chocolate frosted donut with drizzled marshmallow topping, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips and mini meringues.

Available at Cookies & Donuts. $9.95

3. S'mores Cookies 

The S’mores Cookies have mini marshmallows, chocolate chips and graham cracker crumbs. 

Available at Cookies & Donuts. $7.95

4. S'mores Funnel Cake

There is nothing better when visiting an amusement park than enjoying a classic funnel cake! The S’mores Funnel Cake has original funnel cake batter topped with powdered sugar, graham cracker, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and marshmallow sauce. 

Available at Funnel Cake by Shorty's. $10.95

5. S’mores Fudge-Dipped Banana 

For a fun twist on National S’mores Week, Nut Hut is the place to visit. The S’mores Fudge-Dipped Banana is topped with graham crackers, mini marshmallows and chocolate drizzle. 

Available at Nut Hut. $4.50

6. S’mores Nut Mix 

For an easy item to snack on while walking around the Park, the S’mores Nut Mix has cocoa-dusted almonds, salted cashews, peanut, graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Available at Nut Hut. $5.99

7. Grilled S'mores

Overlook Food Court can be found on Kissing Tower Hill next to Great Bear and is home to our Grilled S’mores treat for National S’mores Week. This item has Nutella, bacon and mini marshmallows between two cinnamon sugar-covered pieces of Texas toast. 

Available at Overlook Food Court. $11.45

8. S'mores Cheesecake

While Spring Creek Smokehouse is known for its dishes like brisket, pulled pork and turkey legs, it is also home to some scrumptious cheesecake. For National S’mores Week, Smokehouse is serving a S’mores Cheesecake, which is filled with mini marshmallows in a graham cracker crust. It is topped with toasted marshmallows as well to make it the perfect gooey dish. 

Available at Spring Creek Smokehouse. $5.95

9. S'mores Burger

Splashing around at The Boardwalk and craving a burger? East Coast Burger Works is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. If you are visiting during National S’mores Week, East Coast Burger Works will be offering a S’mores Burger. This half-pound burger is topped with a bacon meringue and a chocolate balsamic sauce.

Available at East Coast Burger Works. $14.95

10. S'mores Milkshake

Located steps away from the thrilling Great Bear coaster, Tower Fries is selling a s’mores milkshake for our guests.

Available at Tower Fries. $5.95

11. S'mores Cinnamon Bread

Chocolatetown Treats is located right outside the entrance to The Chocolatier and Hersheypark. For a delightful s’mores treat, the location will be offering S’mores Cinnamon Bread. This freshly baked bread is topped with cinnamon sugar, mini marshmallows and mini chocolate chips.

Available at Chocolatetown Treats. $10.49

12. S'mores Martini

Nothing better than a martini inspired by a classic sweet treat! The S’mores Martini is available at The Chocolatier for guests 21+. This delicious drink is made with 360 Chocolate Vodka, Kahlua Coffee Liqueur, Stoli Vanilla Vodka and heavy cream. It is topped with a chocolate graham cracker rim and roasted marshmallow.

Available at The Chocolatier. $15

13. Hershey's  S'mores Sundae

Milton’s Ice Cream Parlor is offering a Hershey S’mores Sundae, which has our Malted Memories, Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Cracker Swirl ice creams. The sundae is topped with a Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bar, Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup, marshmallow sauce, mini marshmallows, graham cracker crumb, fresh whipped cream and a cherry. 

Available at Milton's Ice Cream Parlor. $10.45

14. S'mores Sandwich

The second s’mores special is a s’mores Sandwich. Made with a Cinnamon Sugar Graham Cracker Crumb-Crusted Sourdough Bread and filled with marshmallow fluff, toasted mini marshmallows and a melted Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, this treat is the perfect way to celebrate this sweet holiday. 

Available at Milton's Ice Cream Parlor. $15.45

15. S'mores Tower

If you're on your way out of the park and need one last treat to-go, stop by The Sweeterie. The S'mores Tower is Dark Chocolate Cake, Smoked Graham Cracker Crumb, Milk Chocolate Mousse and Toasted Cinnamon Meringue. 

Available at The Sweeterie. $9

16. Toasted S'mores Pop

Don't forget to grab a delicious cake pop to bite into on the way home! The toasted s'mores pop has Milk Chocolate Filling with ground up Spiced Cookie inside a Milk Chocolate Shell, dipped in Meringue and toasted.

Available at The Sweeterie. $4

17. S’mores Cupcake

Cinnamon Graham Cupcake filled with Milk Chocolate Ganache, topped with Milk Chocolate and Toasted Marshmallows.

Available at The Sweeterie. $5

18. S’mores Bar

Graham Cracker cinnamon cookie base layered with chocolate and marshmallow.

Available at The Sweeterie. $5

19. S'mores Mini Donuts

Mini Donuts drizzled with chocolate glaze and marshmallow cream and topped with graham cracker crumbs. 

Available at the Mini Donuts Food Truck near The Boardwalk entrance. Prices vary by size.

Hershey, PA is the perfect destination to celebrate this classic summer treat. Visit today to try all of our s’mores inspired creations that are sure to make your mouth water. Don't miss out on Hersheypark ticket deals exclusively on hersheypark.com