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Celebrate National Dog Day in Hershey The Sweetest Place On Earth

Woof! Woof! Did someone say it’s National Dog Day?

What do Hershey, PA and dogs have in common? While our ‘sweet’ little town is known for its chocolate, many visitors and locals love to take their pup to various locations in Hershey The Sweetest Place On Earth. Whether it’s the Cocoa Beanery patio, the “Welcome to Hershey” sign, inside an RV at Hersheypark Camping Resort, or just walking around the town, man’s best friend deserves to celebrate this special day in Hershey, PA.

At the beginning of August, we asked our social media followers to send us their favorite pictures of their dogs in Hershey, PA. Below, we’ve pulled some of our favorites and even included ‘sweet’ captions to accompany them.

So, grab your pup and enjoy!

“Dreaming of chocolate scents and cocoa bushes…”

Sent by: @araeded on Instagram

“Really? This does not make me forgive you for leaving me at home when you visited Hershey’s Chocolate World.”

Sent by: Caitlyn W. on Facebook

“Loving life (and Reese’s) at Hersheypark Camping Resort!”

Sent by: @katiekakes42 on Instagram

“Isn’t Hersheypark Camping Resort great, Human?”

Sent by: @katiekakes42 on Instagram

“Al-most-there! First stop: Bullfrog Valley Pond; second stop: doggy treats on the patio of Cocoa Beanery.”

Sent by: @refies on Twitter

“I’m not speaking to you until you take me to Hershey, PA.”

Sent by: @Roscoe1679 on Twitter

“Chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate….”

Sent by: @soslabrescue on Twitter

Hersheypark Camping Resort is my favorite place in the entire world. Please don’t make me leave.”

Sent by: Maureen, a workamper at Hersheypark Camping Resort

Will you be celebrating this ‘sweet’ day with your pup? Share your photos with us by tagging @HersheyPA on Twitter and @TheSweetestPlaceOnEarth on Instagram.