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Broadway's Tony and Grammy-Winning Hadestown to Visit Hershey, PA in April

Learn more about the award-winning show coming to Hershey Theatre

The winner of eight 2019 Tony Awards®, including Best Musical and the 2020 Grammy® Award for Best Musical Theater Album, “Hadestown,” will visit Hershey Theatre on April 4-9, 2023. This acclaimed new show from celebrated singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell and innovative director Rachel Chavkin (“Natasha, Pierre & The Great Comet of 1812”) is a love story for today... and always. 

Intertwining two mythic tales — that of young dreamers Orpheus and Eurydice and that of King Hades and his wife Persephone — “Hadestown” is a haunting and hopeful theatrical experience that grabs you and never lets go.

You can learn more fun facts about the Broadway show headed to Hershey below. 



(Listed in order of appearance)

Hermes (Hur'-meez)

In Greek mythology, fleet-footed guide, messenger of the gods, and conductor of souls to the Underworld. In some tellings, it was Hermes who taught Orpheus to play the lyre. In this telling, he is a worldly-wise narrator, master-of-ceremonies, and friend and mentor to Orpheus. 

Fates (Feyts)

Three goddesses who together determined the destinies of mortals, measuring their lifespans and apportioning their suffering. In this story, they follow, fluster, niggle, and cast doubt and insecurity in the minds of some.

Orpheus (Awr'-fee-uh s)

Son of the muse of epic poetry, engaged to marry Eurydice. With his golden voice and lyre, Orpheus charmed all living things, even rocks and stones. This modernized account features an Orpheus on a musical mission beyond his love for Eurydice.

Eurydice (Yoo-rid'-us-see)

A dryad, or tree nymph, engaged to marry Orpheus. On the day of their wedding, she was bitten by a poisonous snake, died, and descended into the Underworld. The Eurydice of this version is a runaway who has experienced much hardship in her young life, which makes it hard for her to trust others.

Persephone (Per-sef'-uh-nee)

Goddess of the seasons, flowers, fruit, and grain. By arrangement, she spent half the year with Hades in the Underworld, causing fall and winter above. The other half she returned to her mother, bringing spring and summer with her. In this modern version, she plays the good-time party girl to dull her disenchantment with said arrangement and other problems in her marriage.

Hades (Hey'-deez)

God of the dead, ruler of the Underworld, sometimes called “the Wealthy One.” He fell in love with and married Persephone. Her mother, the goddess of the harvest, refused to bless the earth while Persephone was below. In this version of the story, he is a greedy and zealous industrialist

Workers Chorus (Wur'-kerz / Kohr'-uh s)

In ancient Greek theater, the Chorus sang, spoke, and danced in unison. Often representing the voice of citizens, the Chorus commented on the actions of characters and served as an emotional conduit for the audience.


8 Tony Awards (and a Grammy!)

14 Tony nominations 

17 actors

16 crew members

32 songs

7 musicians playing multiple instruments

6 touring trucks

16 years in development from 2004 to the 2019 Broadway opening

Come see how the world could be when “Hadestown” visits Hershey, Pa., this spring. Tickets are available at HersheyTheatre.com


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