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Birthdays are Better in Hershey, PA: A Guide to Parties, Freebies and More

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We love Hershey, PA for birthdays! There’s nothing better than building birthday memories together as a family, and that’s exactly what Hershey is to us – a place to share all those special moments that make our birthdays special. Whether it’s a character breakfast and a day of roller coasters for the kiddos, or a grown-up night of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Martinis at one of my favorite restaurants, there’s something for everyone when you plan a Hershey birthday. Eat, drink, ride, pamper or shop – it’s your birthday, so it’s your choice! And with the guide below, you’ll be able to plan ahead, score some free gifts, and party like the chocolate lover you are! (And if you’re planning someone else’s birthday, all the better! There’s enough chocolate for everyone!)

Read on for insider tips and secrets for celebrating the best birthday ever in The Sweetest Place on Earth.