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Aquatheatre at Hersheypark Celebrates 50th Anniversary in 2022

“Our Friends From The Sea” Show Included with Hersheypark Ticket

Hersheypark amusement park is home to an Aquatheatre that has provided educational and entertaining programming to guests for 50 years. 

2022 marks the 50th anniversary of hosting summer shows in the Aquatheatre in the Park. This summer in the Aquatheatre, guests can enjoy Our Friends From The Sea daily performances featuring California sea lions, Atlantic harbor seals, and a new rescued gray seal pup, Bowie! The 15-20 minute shows are included with a Hersheypark ticket, providing a sweet option for guests looking to take a break from the thrills. 

Since 2009, Hersheypark has partnered with Ocean Connections to immerse guests in the world of marine animals, animal care and environmental protection. The cast from Our Friends From The Sea features seal and sea lion rescues who can inspire positive action toward our ocean and environment. 

Meet Our Flippered Family


Bowie is the newest addition to the aquatic mammal family! Bowie is a gray seal born in December of 2020. At approximately one month old, Bowie was found on an east coast beach malnourished and severely dehydrated. 

Bowie was quickly taken to the New York Marine Research Center. Following the veterinary team’s assessment, they discovered that Bowie had microphthalmia or under-developed eyes, thus making him blind in his right eye and partially blind in his left eye. His condition deemed him non-releasable. You can read more about his story here

Bowie is the first gray seal to grace the Aquatheatre at Hersheypark! Despite his circumstances, Bowie is an incredibly trusting and sweet boy who is eager to spend time with his companions. This summer is Bowie’s debut, and we couldn’t be more excited to introduce him to our guests!


Cocoa is one of the harbor seals and was born on June 10, 2018, to Mango. She was the first seal pup ever to be born at Hersheypark! Therefore was given the very fitting name: Cocoa. Cocoa had to learn how to eat fish around 4-6 weeks old. Now, depending on the season she can eat anywhere from 5-15 pounds of fish in one day. She currently weighs in at approximately 85 pounds and still has a little growing left to do. She is a very smart and quick learner who knows over 80 different behaviors! 

Cocoa is quite the entertainer and is sure to delight Hersheypark guests. 


Harper is the second of the harbor seals! She was born on May 28, 2020, to a rescued seal in Connecticut. She is about 80 pounds and still growing fast!

Harper joined the flippered family at Hersheypark in May 2021 and quickly captured guests’ hearts. She is confident and bold yet sweet and incredibly playful! You can often find Harper swimming with her friends or eating ice cubes.


Cobh was born on June 9, 2019. He was given his name to match his father’s Irish name, Cork. Pronounced “cove,” he came to Hersheypark with Harper in June 2021. 

Cobh’s demeanor can best be described as calm and patient. He loves playtime, especially when it involves ice cubes! Cobh is also known for his unique seal vocalization. He is frequently seen at regular shows at the Park, so be sure to stop by and visit! 


Colby is a California sea lion born on June 20, 2012. At birth, he weighed approximately 16 pounds. In 2017, he weighed 240 pounds - talk about a growth spurt! 

Colby loves playing with his flippered friends and learning new behaviors in training. His infectious energy and unique personality make him a crowd favorite! 


The second of the two beautiful California sea lions, Ripley, was born on July 14, 2014. Ripley was one of 4,000 California sea lions stranded in an unusual mortality event of any marine mammal as deemed by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

Ripley spent three years at the Mystic Aquarium learning and growing, and is now a part of the Hersheypark family! Ripley is playful,energetic and gentle, and he loves to show off his roar!

Interactive Add-On Experiences

While admission to Our Friends From The Sea show is included with a Hersheypark ticket, you can purchase a variety of show add-ons to enhance your experience!

Fish Feeds are available for $20 for three fish. If you’re interested in a photo opportunity with our animals, Behind the Splash can be purchased for $37 with up to five people per photo! 

Unsure about which add-on you prefer? Combo tickets are $50 for one photo and one fish feed!

For the ultimate behind-the-scenes experience for the whole family, we recommend Flippered Friends and Family Experience. This 30-minute interactive program is both educational and fun as participants visit off-exhibit areas and come poolside for private training with the seals or sea lions. Tickets are $100 per person, with Hersheypark admission and parking sold separately. Ten people are allowed per session. 

You can purchase these various add-on experiences here!

Our aquatic show is the perfect opportunity to cool down and relax at the Park while also learning and interacting with these incredible species. If you attend a show this summer, take some photos and tag us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #HersheyparkHappy.

Download and check out the Hersheypark app for showtimes!

Plan a Visit to Hersheypark

Along with our superb entertainment at our Aquatheatre, Hersheypark gives our guests the unique opportunity of having access to three parks in one with their purchase of a Hersheypark ticket! With the amusement park, The Boardwalk At Hersheypark water park and ZooAmerica, there are a variety of ways for our guests to enjoy their time in The Sweetest Place On Earth! Guests receive a discount on their ticket purchase when they purchase online.