April 2022 ZooAmerica Pass Holder Newsletter

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Spring is in full swing at ZooAmerica! It's been a busy, but exciting start to the season. 

We welcomed a  new bull elk named John Henry to our ZooAmerica family on March 19. He is spending his first 30 days in the back section of the habitat. Our two female cows, Hannah and Becky, will remain in the front section during this time period. 

Three weeks ago, some of our team members traveled to another AZA accredited zoo, Clyde Peeling's Reptiland, to exchange rattlesnakes. We had a female sidewinder that could no longer cohabitate with our male. Reptiland had an extra western diamondback rattlesnake and the trade was made!

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Millipede habitat ZooAmericaAnimal Spotlight: Millipede

Fourteen Giant African Millipedes arrived at ZooAmerica at the end of February from Akron Zoo.  Learn about their habits, habitat and how they differ from centipedes.

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Peregrine Falcon Recovery ZooAmericaZooAmerica Conservation News

This month, we are exploring the important role that ZooAmerica plays in the Pennsylvania peregrine falcon recovery.

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Bela Bialer at ZooAmericaMeet the Team

We're excited to introduce a new series to help our Pass Holders get to know our incredible team members. This month, you get to meet Bela Bialer.

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Keira the bobcat relaxing on ledge at ZooAmericaVet Check: Bobcat

ZooAmerica partners with the Animal Hospital of Dauphin County to provide our animals with the utmost expert love and care. Learn more about Keira the bobcat's recent checkup. 

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