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By Jessica Simms


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During my recent trip to Hershey, Pennsylvania I visited the beautiful Hershey Hotel that Milton M. Hershey designed and built himself. Milton M. Hershey’s mom did not approve of the hotel at first, Hershey was quoted as to say “Other men have their yachts to play with. The hotel is my yacht.” The vision Hershey held in his mind and heart for this hotel can be felt throughout the hotel as you walk through the many halls. This hotel hosts not just luxurious rooms but also a high-class spa that any mom like myself can enjoy during their visit.

As you walk through the main lobby to check into the hotel you are greeted with a beautiful fresh bouquet of flowers that you have to stop and smell. Around the corner, you can find some sweet shops to buy some sweet treats as well as some beautiful clothing and accessories. Fun fact about this lobby is that it was originally the garage of the hotel which was used by the guests “help”, which later was converted into a secondary lobby which was more accessible for those unable to make it up the hill. It eventually became the main lobby of the hotel which guests now can check into and out of the hotel.

Just to the left or right of the front desk, you will find you will find a staircase with the original tiles from when the hotel was built in 1933.You will find yourself in the grand hall which houses the originally fountain and layout the Hershey himself envisioned. A short walk down from this grand hall you will find the dining room which remarkably is shaped into an oval shape. The reason Milton M. Hershey contracted the workers to build this room in an oval shape was to help those who dined alone feel as though they were still part of the entire dining experience.

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