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A Real Life Fairy Tale Comes to Life in "Cinderella"

Andy Huntington Jones plays Prince Topher in the Broadway touring production of Cinderella, and he recently married a member of the ensemble and understudy for Cinderella – Audrey Cardwell. He’s a prince and sometimes, she’s a princess.

Since they are both professional actors, they’re often separated. However, the touring production of Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella has changed all that and in a way, is a real life fairy tale. Not only do they get to tour together, on occasion they get to perform in the show’s leading roles. We’ll get to see Andy and Audrey when they take the stage at Hershey Theatre from Tuesday, January 26 through Sunday, January 31.

We had the pleasure of talking to Andy and Audrey to ask them questions about the show and what it’s like to bring this romantic cliché to life. No glass slippers or pumpkin carriage needed - they’re just your average couple who enjoy spending time together both on and off the stage.

How did you two meet?
Audrey Cardwell (AC): We met at The Muny in St Louis. We were both in the cast of The Sound of Music, another Rodgers + Hammerstein classic. Andy was a nazi and I was a nun and the rest is history.

What's it like working with your spouse every day?
Andy Huntington Jones (AHJ): Seeing as I have the best wife ever, working with her is the best thing ever.
AC: Awwwwwww, Andy! He is the best. It truly is incredible. We’ve had the opportunity to play opposite each other many times in this show, and it never gets old. To see your husband’s face looking back at you on stage is pretty special. We are so spoiled!

Did you incorporate any Cinderella elements in your wedding day?
AHJ: Although we refrained from mentioning Cinderella on our wedding day, it came up in our ceremony and in many toasts that our friends and family gave at the reception. People are so intrigued by the Cinderella story that it is almost impossible for it not to come up.
AC: We didn’t have anything Cinderella themed. Like Andy said, it came up, but we really wanted the day to be ours. We get to enjoy a huge, over-the-top wedding every night onstage, and we wanted our wedding to be different from that.

What is one experience you both try to do in each new place you visit?
AHJ: Since we live our lives on the road, we first try to find a place to work out, and some reliable places to eat. Once those needs are met, we will seek out local “musts.” Full disclosure: some weeks see more Netflix than others.
AC: I use the classic Google search when we are heading to a new city. I search “must see” and “must do” of each town. Like Andy said, if we can find a nice gym and good food, we are happy.

Would you rather spend the day getting pampered at the Chocolate Spa or riding rides at Hesheypark?
AHJ: Hersheypark, Hersheypark, Hersheypark! Since it’s closed for the season, we may try out the Spa.
AC: HERSHEYPARK ALL THE WAY. I went to Penn State, and visited Hersheypark multiple times while I was a student. Skyrush is one of my all-time favorite rides. And Storm Runner. I am bummed it’s closed while we are in town!

How do you relax when you're on tour?
AHJ: Chai tea and distracted meditation.
AC: Lying in bed and enjoying the aforementioned Netflix.

Are there any pre-show rituals you do before each show?
AHJ: Eating the right amount of food. Finding the right balance between too little and too much food is a challenge without a kitchen.
AC: Coffee and a good warm up.

What is your favorite part about being in the cast of Cinderella?
AHJ: This group of people is super supportive. Since we live together, and work together, and travel together, I feel lucky to know that this group has my back.
AC: The people. Our cast and crew is one of a kind, and I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day because it is such fun, energetic environment.

If you could pick one person - alive or dead - to have coffee/beer with, who would it be and why?
AHJ: The Dalai Lama.
AC: Freddie Mercury. I want to pick his brain about his music and his inspiration and his life. I also just wanna hang out with him! He seemed like an incredible guy.

Tell us one thing people might now know about you.
AHJ: I have 2 moms.
AC: I was homeschooled for my senior year of high school.

With its fresh new take on the beloved tale of a young woman who is transformed from a chambermaid into a princess, this hilarious and romantic Rodgers + Hammerstein’s Cinderella combines the story’s classic elements – glass slippers, pumpkin, and a beautiful ball along with some surprising twists. More than just a pretty face with the right shoe size, this Cinderella is a contemporary figure living in a fairytale setting. She is a spirited young woman with savvy and soul who doesn’t let her rags or her gowns trip her up in her quest for kindness, compassion and forgiveness. She longs to escape the drudgery of her work at home and instead work to make the world a better place. She not only fights her for her own dreams, but forces the prince to open his eyes to the world around him and realize his dreams too. This is one fairy tale not to be missed!

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