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I’ve been waiting patiently for this day and finally it came! My daughter turned 13 about a month ago, just old enough to receive select services at my favorite day spa, MeltSpa by Hershey. I booked appointments for us for this past weekend and we had the BEST girls’ day!

I’ve taken Lily to the local nail salon for a mani/pedi before vacations, but never to a REAL spa, so this was a special experience for her. We made appointments for facials: She had the Sothys MeltSpa by Hershey Prescription Facial, and I had the Circadia Chocolate and Champagne Facial. They were each 60-minute services, so we started and ended at the same time which worked out perfectly.

After we arrived, we went to the locker room to change into our chocolate robes and then hit the relaxation lounge.

I do know Lily loved her facial, but I think this lounge was a close second for the best part of the day. The combination of bowls of Hershey Kisses, the best hot cocoa we’ve ever had (seriously – try this when you go!), and the calm, quiet atmosphere made it heavenly. You can kind of see that on her face, can’t you?

Our technicians came and got us at the same time, which was really nice because I got to meet the woman doing Lily’s service. Lily was very excited about this whole experience, but she asked me a lot of questions: What are they going to do? What do I wear? Will they talk to me?

I assured her that the technicians at MeltSpa are topnotch – I’ve been 3x now and had different ones each time I’ve gone, and every one of them has been very nice, very skilled, and extremely professional.

After her appointment, she told me how much she loved her technician (her name is Judy and she has 2 teens of her own, so if you’re bringing your teen daughter, we highly recommend requesting her, though I’m sure they are all great!). Judy talked to me and Lily in the relaxation lounge after our services about what she would recommend for Lily’s skin and why.She even gave her a little sample of product to take home!

Our facials were fantastic. Before we began, the technicians told us what they were going to do so we knew what to expect. They made sure we were comfortable throughout the service, and omigosh…it was just blissful.Having someone clean and massage and hydrate your face, and then massage your shoulders and head for an hour is ah-mazing. Can we do this weekly? Because that would totally work for me.

Actually, they said that a facial will last about 6 weeks, and suggested we come back in early December, just before the holidays, for another service. Yes, please!


This was our first mother-daughter spa day, and I’m sure we will have many more because my daughter is now obsessed! I am ready to go back, too! Here are a few things that might help you plan a successful spa visit with your daughter:

  • Browse the MeltSpa by Hershey Teen Services Menu. Lily and I both wanted to do the same type of service, and they do not do body treatments (like scrubs and massage) on young girls, so you can choose between facials, manicures, and pedicures. Because the teen menu is more limited (but still offers plenty of options), start there to decide what kind of spa day you’re going to have. We highly recommend the facials!
  • Time It Right. We both opted for 60-minute services so that we would start and end at the same time. That worked out great because we got to hang out together in the lounge both before and after treatment.
  • Calm Any Nerves. Lily was very excited about this visit, but I think she had a few nerves, not knowing exactly what to expect. I called MeltSpa and asked her questions a couple of hours before we left so she knew what her day would be like at the spa, and that helped her to feel better. Reassuring her that all of the staff is totally professional and very nice, and that if she has any questions or concerns, or if she’s uncomfortable at all in any way, she can talk to them, went a long way in easing her mind. Then she could focus on being excited!

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