09:37 AM

A house made of chocolate?

No…you’re not dreaming. There really IS a house made of chocolate. Unfortunately, you can’t live in it, but you can visit it! For the past eight years, Hershey’s Chocolate World Attraction has built its famous Chocolate House with a new theme every year. Here are some “fast facts” about this year’s house:

  • It took more than 700 hours to complete the house
  • More than 100 employees from The Hershey Company helped construct and decorate the house
  • The house is more than 12 feet tall
  • The house covers more than 100 square feet
  • The house contains more than one ton of Hershey’s Confectionery Products
  • There are more than 30 unique Hershey’s Confectionery Products used to decorate the house, tree ornaments and snowmen

The sweetest item to note about the annual Hershey’s Chocolate House is that more than $5,000 is donated to Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). For every hour that is worked on the house, Hershey’s Chocolate World donates $8. Guests may also donate to CMN through the “Candy Canes for Kids” program. Upon making a donation to CMN (minimum donation: $1), guests may write their name on a candy cane which will be placed around the house. Donations can be made at any retail or food service register at Hershey’s Chocolate World.

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