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A Hersheypark Father and Son Team Supporting Each Other Every Day

I don’t have brother so I often wonder what it would be like for a father and son to work together.

At Hersheypark, there are actually quite a number of fathers and sons who work together and they seem to thrive, be good at their jobs and really enjoy working with a family member on a day-to-day basis.There is one father and son team with whom I have had the pleasure of working on numerous occasions — Rod and Jeremy Underkoffler.

Dad Rod has been with Hersheypark since he was 15. I am not sure of his age (a well-kept secret!), but I do know that he is a grandfather. Son Jeremy (again not sure of his age but, he has a young daughter) began his Hersheypark career at age 15. Jeremy had visited Rod at work and witnessed his father’s passion for the job so the choice to join the Park team was an easy one.

Both Rod and Jeremy have always been extremely helpful, knowledgeable and professional when I approach them with questions or “opportunities” which generally involves 5:00 a.m. press interviews!

As Director of Event Operations, Rod oversees the team that work in the Hersheypark Facility Operations Department. Over the years, Rod also has served as Ride Maintenance Supervisor and has served as a specialized spokesperson for the Park. . He never says no as I recall meeting him at 5:00 a.m. when he had worked until midnight the previous evening. His interview was spot on and, as always, he exceeded my expectations.

Jeremy, his son, shares Rod’s passion for the Park and also is a very competent Hersheypark Ride Operations spokesperson; that role is a very small part of his every day job as Manager of Ride Operations.

Both men took the time to talk with me about their jobs and their relationship. It is obvious that they admire and respect each other.

Rod is so proud of Jeremy, watching him gain experience and confidence as he moves through the ranks to become a supervisor who earns praise from Rod’s co-workers. The two teams work together on new ride installations.Jeremy is clearly influenced by his father and has heard much praise about Rod from people throughout the Park. Jeremy says he is using his father’s example as a supervisor as he oversees his own team of employees.

The question that I was most curious about — what do they give each other for Father’s Day? Both Rod and Jeremy agreed that they give each other the gift of time and their celebration includes a family picnic and, just maybe, a family visit to Hersheypark.If you would like to know more about Hersheypark visit Hersheypark.com

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