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Everyone deserves a little pampering. “Me time” is the perfect way to relax, unwind and rejuvenate from the crazy ride called life each of us is involved in on a daily basis. What’s even better is spending your “me time” with a few girlfriends at a spa. If you have been following along on my social media channels, you may have noticed I was recently invited to Hershey, Pennsylvania as part of the Hershey’s Sweet Welcome. Me and 6 other influencers received a total immersion experience into the many things to see and do in Hershey, PA. This weekend trip included a stay at the Hershey Lodge, a trip to Hershey Park and a visit to the new MeltSpa by Hershey. I’ll be sharing more about my trip here on The Farm Girl Gabs over the next few weeks, but I want to focus on my amazing MeltSpa by Hershey experience first.

MeltSpa is located in the downtown area of Hershey. As part of our Sweet Welcome experience, we were all treated to Hershey’s Sweet Feet Dark Chocolate Pedicure. Yes, you read that correctly. DARK CHOCOLATE! As in the scrub and lotion used during the pedicure are made with chocolate and smell so good that you want to eat it! But I didn’t, I promise. The pedicure lasted one hour. The girls and I also got to sit and chat in a private relaxation room and sip on the richest, thickest hot cocoa I have ever had while we were waiting for our treatment.

I was so impressed by all the services offered by the spa. They have pampering options from massages, to facials to a full-service hair salon. The cool thing about most of the spa services is the ingredients used is tied into the history of the chocolate legacy Milton S. Hershey created. Chocolate is used in some way, shape or form in most of the services. As is the rose treatments in honor of his wife Kitty’s love of roses and the Cuban experiencein honor of the sugar plantations he once owned in Cuba.

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