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A Checklist for the Sweetest Chocolate World Visit!

Naturally, HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD Attraction is known as a one-stop shop for all things chocolate...for flavor upon flavor of HERSHEY'S KISSES and a paradise of REESE'S Peanut Butter Cups...but are you aware of all the ways you can turn it into a day of fun for your whole family? Pull out this checklist to maximize your visit!

1. Unwrap a Full-Fledged Chocolate Adventure!

You'll be educated and entertained by experiencing any of the HERSHEY'S CHOCOLATE WORLD attractions. Immerse yourself in an authentic factory experience as you Create Your Own Candy Bar. Interact with the HERSHEY'S characters as you solve the 4D Chocolate Mystery. Learn how to use sights, smells, and sounds to identify flavors during the Chocolate Tasting Experience. And journey through the town built on chocolate by boarding the Hershey Trolley Works tour. Tip: you'll get the best value by combining attraction admission with your choice of our four Adventure Bundles.

2. But First...Begin Your Adventure at Home

It's no secret that summer gets busy in Hershey, and we encourage you to spend that valuable family time together rather than waiting in a long ticket line! Reserve online in advance to skip this step upon arrival, and also to secure the attraction times that best suit your schedule before they sell out. Tip: bundles are available online too!

3. Plan a Cocoa-Infused Lunch

Would you be surprised to know that much of our tasty menu is cooked in-house from scratch with fresh ingredients? The bonus: most of it is inspired by sweet flavors too. Favorites include all-natural, all white meat baked Cocoa Panko Chicken Strips and slow-roasted, hand-pulled Cocoa Chipotle Pulled Pork Sandwiches - both even better with our signature HERSHEY'S sauces! The choices are many - from gourmet pizza and hot entrees to bread bowl soups, deli sandwiches, and fresh sides. Tip: you can find savings by adding a meal deal to an Adventure Bundle!

4. Don't Stop at Just Candy for Dessert

You'll sell yourself short if you don't try at least a little something from our Bakery or Ice Cream Shop! Where to start? Soft, fresh cookies, brownies, and cupcakes - baked daily - are a clear favorite. But don't forget to check out other confections drizzled with chocolate, too, including fruit, popcorn, and even bacon! Our frozen cocoa drink is a must-try during the summer heat, as are our famous house-made milkshakes. Tip: try the delicious new milkshake toppings we introduced this summer!

5. Soak Up Our Story

Our rich history rooted in the chocolate company created by Milton S. Hershey is detailed on your walk up to the free Chocolate Making Tour...don't miss the chance to take it in before you learn how our chocolate is made! Tip: the best time of the day to experience our tour ride in the summer is first thing in the morning - beat the rush if you can!