10:54 AM

7 Milk Chocolate Treats That’ll Have You Tasting the Love

For National Milk Chocolate day, we asked the girls of the new chocolate tour ride what milk chocolate treats have them tasting the love:


The sweetest cow cools off with a Hershey’s frozen cocoa and occasionally a frozen mocha for an extra kick! Melted down Hershey’s Milk Chocolate mixed with Hershey’s Cocoa, and cream (and fresh brewed coffee for the mocha) topped with whipped cream and more chocolate makes it the treat to beat the heat.


When she’s on the mooooove, Caramel enjoys her candies in bites, minis and pieces. From Hershey’s pieces candies to Rolo and Kit Kat minis chocolates, she likes to mix and match her favorites from the world’s largest selection of Hershey’s candies


This adventurous cow likes the unique and udderly delicious dipped desserts from the bakery at Hershey’s Chocolate World including strawberries, cookie dough truffles, cheesecake bites, and other tasty treats!


Blossom is quite the gift-giver and the giant milk chocolate bars are the perfect go-tos. She personally likes the classic Symphony Bars for their creamy texture (it’s the milk chocolate!) and loves the variety she finds outside the barnyard!


After grazing in pastures, Cocoa roams into Create Your Own Candy Bar to do just that! She selects a milk chocolate base, keeps her inclusions selection simple and always adds sprinkles. She really gets creative with the personalized wrapper and recommends creating your candy bar after 7 PM to milk the experience for all its worth!


The nuttiest cow can’t pick just one treat so she loves that she can combine her favorites from the Amazing Candy Machine! Her moo-velous mix includes Reese’s miniatures, Mr. GoodBar miniatures, Krackel miniatures and Kisses chocolates, that’s milk chocolate of course!


Derry goes for a classic Hershey’s Milk Chocolate bar made right here in Chocolatetown, U.S.A. Fresh & local milk goes into every bar, making it a barnyard favorite. Derry also enjoys Hershey’s milk chocolate as a S’mores toasted over a campfire or fresh off the grill!