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6 Reasons to Get a Season Pass to Hersheypark

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Since I was a kid I have been visiting Hersheypark, and I cannot believe I waited this long to get a season pass! I have been wanting to get one for years, and thanks to the Sweetest Moms program, each member of my family received a pass for the 2018 season!

A Hersheypark season pass lasts from the spring season in April through the holiday season (end of December). That means pass holders can experience 4 seasons of fun at the sweetest amusement park in the world. There are dozens of reasons to get a season pass to Hersheypark but I am going to focus on the reasons I love mine and cannot wait to get one for next year!

6 Reasons to Get a Hersheypark Season Pass

Less Stress, More Fun

Ever go to an amusement park and feel completely stressed about making sure you do EVERYTHING in one day? Well, that stress is completely lifted when you get a season pass to Hersheypark! This is the first year we have had a season pass and we LOVE it. We can go to the park for an hour, 3 hours or all day if we want. We can go to just enjoy the waterpark or ride only the coasters or do nothing but eat dessert the entire visit. We can even just spend the entire day taking pictures with characters! The choice is ours which makes the experience less stressful and more fun!

Experience the Holiday Magic

With a Hersheypark season pass, guests can visit during all 4 Hersheypark seasons: spring, summer, fall and the holidays. This means families can experience all the magic Hersheypark has to offer. That includes visiting during Hersheypark in the Dark and Christmas in the Park. From trick or treating to taking pictures with Santa, season pass holders enjoy all the holiday fun.

Great Discounts

Who doesn’t love to save money? Hersheypark pass holders have some of the best discounts around! Besides FREE parking, guests receive discounts on food and merchandise. Pass holders also receive a coupon book filled with great deals and specials like BOGO ice cream and discounts on tickets to The Hershey Story Museum and Hershey Gardens. One of the best deals for pass holders is the souvenir drink cup! For just $29.99, pass holders can get an awesome drink cup that can be refilled all year for FREE! That even includes ICEE! It is the perfect option especially on a hot summer day!

Awesome Parking

I already mentioned parking is FREE for pass holders but what I love the most is the location. The pass holder parking lot is located incredibly close to the front gate which is perfect for families with small kids. Not only can you get into the park faster but it makes getting to and finding your car quick and easy. Plus, exiting this lot is so easy and it often bypasses park traffic!

Special Events

I had no idea Hersheypark offered special events just for pass holders and we were so excited to take advantage of two of them so far this season. Throughout the year, there are several events just for pass holders which adds to the excitement. These events often include early access to rides, additional discounts on food and merchandise as well as giveaways. This summer, we were able to be one of the first people to ride the new water slides all because we were pass holders. I cannot wait to see what the next events will offer!

3 for 1

One of the first questions I get asked when talking about Hersheypark is if the waterpark is included with admission. I love being able to say, “YES!” That means season pass holders have access to BOTH parks. It doesn’t end there though because Hersheypark guests also get admission to ZooAmerica which means pass holders get to explore the zoo all year long too! That means with one season pass, guests will get to explore 3 parks. How cools is that?!

Those are the reasons I LOVE the Hersheypark Season Pass and cannot wait to get another one for next year! Now make sure to get your season pass too! Passes for 2019 are on sale now on the Hersheypark website.

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