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5 Reasons I Want to Take My Family Camping in Hershey

This post originally appeared on mommyentourage.com

When you think of Hershey Park, everyone has heard of the famous Hershey Lodge and beautiful Hershey Hotel… but did you know they also offer camping in Hersheypark Camping Resort? I had no clue until I attended a blogger tour as a part of the #SweetestMoments with Hershey, and now I cannot wait to go and check it out for myself. Although I haven’t stayed there (yet) I can give you 5 reasons why you’d want to consider going with your family on your next vacation!

1. Close proximity to Hershey Park and all the attractions, Giant Stadium for Bears games, Hershey Theatre, and the shops and museum. You are literally minutes from everything and in a completely central location.

2. Perfect for the camper life! Both of my kids are in Scouts, so many of their friends love the fresh air and camping experience and do it as often as possible. They offer both cabins and campsites – so you can pick what works best for your family. Campsites range from a simple tenting site to a full hookup and pull through RV sites. Cabins range from basic to deluxe, which was hands down my favorite. There are so many options! Below is the campground map.

3. Free entertainment!  Located on site is a variety of free entertainment including Eddie Ray Magic, Mr. B DJ, Sneakers the Clown, Funtastic Family Entertainment, and Paws, Claws, Scales & Tails. All this is included with your rental at the camp site! There is also a Country Store and game room full of arcade fun (costs apply)

4. Free WiFi throughout the facility.  I know this sounds simple – but it’s not. First being I’m a blogger (enough said) and also, so many campgrounds don’t offer this feature. It enables me to stay in touch with family and friends and also do handy things like locate Hersheypark hours!

5. Let’s talk Deluxe Cabins.  I’ll be completely honest when saying I grew up a girly girl, and wasn’t really into “roughing it” at all until I had my son. I’ve found a newfound affection for things like fishing and get my hands dirtier than I ever have in my life. While I love all that, I still sleep like the Princess and the Pea and need to be comfy to get a good nights sleep. I was completely floored by how nice the deluxe cabins are! They have indoor showers and plumbing and are clean, crisp and new. Nothing like that old school cabin you’re thinking from your childhood!

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