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5 Hersheypark Activities for Kids to Do At Home

Sweet Ways to Keep Kids Entertained and Learning Amid School Closures

Looking for some fun and educational ideas to keep the kids busy while school is closed? Hersheypark and ZooAmerica have got you covered! Check out this list of five at-home activities geared toward children and their parents (or those young at heart) for a #HersheyparkHappy time!

1. Take a virtual coaster ride

Grab your family, take a seat and get ready to ride front row on your favorite Hersheypark coasters! It doesn't matter if your child is a KISSES, Reese's or Jolly Rancher; any height category can ride virtually. Take a ride on all 15 coasters, including Candymonium, and let us know your favorite. 

2. Download coloring pages

Missing The Sweetest Place On Earth? Download, print and color our unique coloring pages featuring some of your favorite Hershey characters. 

3. Create your own King Size Shake

Have you ever wanted to design your very own King Size Shake? Download our template and be sure to add in as many toppings as you want!

4. Test your knowledge of ZooAmerica

Head off on a virtual scavenger hunt of ZooAmerica North American Wildlife Park! Grab a pencil and paper to record your answers to the following questions. 

HINT: All answers can be found in the Animals section on ZooAmerica.com

  1. What animal at ZooAmerica is named Santo? 
  2. Find the animal that eats mostly pine nuts. 
  3. What reptile at ZooAmerica may reach 8 feet in length?
  4. Butch, Chief and Murphy are the names of what animal at ZooAmerica
  5. Which animal at ZooAmerica is considered to be one of the most endangered mammals in the world?
  6. Of all the lizard species in the world, which two are venomous? 
  7. Which animal has a bare head and neck?
  8. What animal is named for its barking alarm call? 
  9. What animal makes a rattling hiss that mimics a rattlesnake when disturbed? 
  10. Which animal can reach a speed of 40 mph when chasing prey?  

5. Learn about animals during the ZooAmerica  Facebook Live

We're bringing the zoo to you 2-3 times during the week at 11 a.m. Join the ZooAmerica team on Facebook to catch what animals they are sharing up close and personal with you.