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19 Tips for Enjoying Hersheypark with your Family

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Planning the perfect visit to Hersheypark is everything. There is so much to see and do at the park that you really should map out your time and list of wants to maximize your visit. After several trips over the past few years I pretty much have it down to a science with my family. We know what works for each of us and we set out to enjoy our time by planning ahead.

Here are 19 Tips for Enjoying Hersheypark with Your Family…be sure to read through to the end to enter my 4 Ticket Giveaway to Hersheypark!

1. Bring Shades and Sunscreen

Fortunately there’s a lot of shade at Hersheypark, because my family loves that. My husband burns if he says the word sun and my kids get pretty red in the face too. In between shaded areas you’ll definitely be exposed to sun though and it is super bright. So, start off your day at the park putting on sunscreen and be sure to bring shades (and a hat) too. You’ll not only have a better time seeing without squinting, but you’ll be protecting your eyes from the UV rays and looking super cool for selfies like my daughter.

2. Measure up

All rides aren’t for everyone. You have to be a certain height for almost all of them. Not to worry, there are plenty of rides for every height, but you need to know which ones are the right fit for your kids. Visit Hersheypark’s Height Category Guide online in advance to see which rides your family members will be able to ride during your visit.

3. Ride the Carousel

This is the best way to start and end the Hersheypark experience. Everyone can ride the carousel together before choosing rides that may suit one person and not everyone else. It’s the perfect family ride and my kids love it. My toddler goes nuts on the carousel and I feel like I’m winning at parenting every time I ride it with him. He’s only two and he already expects to get on the carousel immediately when we arrive at the park. 

4. Grab Cold Treats

Whether it’s Rita’s, Dippin Dots or a frosted lemonade at Chick-fil-A, when we arrive at Hersheypark we have plans to grab one or all of these nice cold treats during the day. They’re perfect for strolling the park with or just for keeping cool in the line while waiting for your next ride. Don’t worry about the calories…you’ll burn them very quickly. Enjoy and stay cool!

5. Meet Hershey’s Characters

We can’t get through a visit without taking breaks to meet Hershey’s Characters! We see them all the time and we adore them. They’re so friendly and great with kids. Check out where your favorite characters hang out including 3 shows, Meet & Greet locations, dining experiences, and more here and plan free character Meet & Greets for your family in advance!

6. Be Prepared for Rain

Theme park visits can be hot and sunny and it is an assumption that they always are, but I’ve experienced plenty of days in the rain at parks, so my advice is to be prepared for it. Bring ponchos and the small umbrellas that can be tucked away without bother so any unexpected rain won’t put a damper on your day. The rides will operate wet or dry…it’s the walk to and from them that you’ll want to be ready for.

7. Catch an Entertainment Show

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