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12 Things to See at Hersheypark Christmas Candylane

By Tara Zeigmont

My family is a warm weather crowd. We don’t particularly like to go sledding or skiing or even hiking out in the cold. It’s just not our cup of tea.

Thus, even though we’ve had season passes to Hersheypark for years, we have never gone during Christmas Candylane.

Not even once.

We go in the spring when the weather gets warm, all summer and fall, and then we stop except for an occasional trip to the zoo.

Last weekend, when I was at the #SweetWelcome weekend, I experienced Christmas Candylane for the very first time.

I was in awe. 

First of all, Christmas Candylane is beautiful. The park is always clean and nice, but at Christmas, it sparkles. We went when the park opened on a Friday night, so it was already getting dark. Millions of Christmas lights twinkled welcome as we walked the familiar paths.

I am definitely going to make time to take the kids this month. I can’t believe what we’ve been missing all these years.

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