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10 Tips For Visiting Hersheypark

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My family definitely considers Hersheypark, the Sweetest Place On Earth. There is so much family fun waiting for you in Hershey, Pennsylvania from the Hersheypark rides, to the food, to the character photos, to the hotels and so much more. On our recent visit, we had a blast.

Planning a trip to Hershey Park, here are my 10 Tips for Visiting Hersheypark:

1) Arrive Early to the Park

It goes without saying that arriving early offers you the opportunity to avoid waiting in line for Hersheypark’s popular rides. Because we arrived so early, my daughter was able to ride the most popular rides twice. Sweet indeed.

2) Ride the monorail

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of the park, I recommend taking a ride on the monorail. Not only do you get a chance to sit for bit, you get an awesome view of the park. We loved being able to see how all the roller coasters coil around each other. And it’s a quick way to get to ZooAmerica.

3)  Hershey Park Preview Night

Did you know that if you arrive the day before you are going to the park, you can actually preview the park the night before for FREE? This is a great way to figure out what rides you want to ride the next day. This is only applicable if you purchase a regular full-day admission ticket.

4) Take the Trolley Tour

What’s more fun than riding in an old-fashioned trolley with a very entertaining and informative conductor. On the tour, you will see key Hershey attractions like the original chocolate factory, Mr. Hershey’s birthplace, his home Highpoint Mansion, Chocolate Avenue, the Hershey Kiss Streetlights, Hersheypark, and Milton Hershey School. And you get lots of candy during your ride!!

5) Go during the week and not on the weekends.

As you can imagine, it’s far more crowded on the weekends. So if you have a chance, go during the week.

Read the complete list here.

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