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10 Cool Facts You Might Not Know About Hershey’s History

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Recently I got to spend a very cool weekend in Hershey, PA. While exploring the town, I was impressed with so much–the stunning beauty of Hotel Hershey, how user-friendly Hersheypark’s Camping Resort is, the top-notch quality of Hersheypark’s Accessibility Program, the upcoming (this weekend!) celebration of ZooAmerica’s 40th Anniversary, and the Hershey Lodge’s wow-worthy indoor water park, to name a few of the sites that were noteworthy. But my favorite part of the weekend, and Hershey, PA itself, was learning more about Hershey’s history.

I know, I know! NERD ALERT. Proud history buff here. It was fascinating to spend the weekend studying the rich history of Milton Hershey, the founder of Hershey, and the town’s development. Via the trolley tour we enjoyed and our super-informative tour guides at the hotel and the Hershey Theatre, I learned so many cool facts about Hershey’s history I didn’t know–despite growing up just minutes away and being raised by a family who had a deep appreciation for Mr. Hershey and his town!

Fun facts about Hershey’s chocolate abound (the Kisses used to be hand-wrapped, Mr. Hershey started in caramel making before venturing into chocolate, and the first recipe for s’mores using Hershey Chocolate bars appeared in a Girl Scout handbook in 1927, to name a few), but I’m here to share some lesser-known truths about what made Milton Hershey and his town so uniquely special and awe-inspiring. Fair warning, friends–if you read on, you may just fall as in love as I am with Hershey, PA, and once you’re a goner, there’s no going back!

10 Sweet Surprises about Hershey’s History:

  1. After finding success in chocolate-making and opening the world’s largest chocolate plant in Hershey, PA in 1905, Milton Hershey set about creating a real hometown for his employees. Versus creating a faceless industrial town, he aimed for welcoming homes, quality education for children, accessible public transportation and plenty of recreational opportunities.
  2. With this goal in mind, Hersheypark opened for the employees in 1906. Known as a spot for picnicking, boating, and canoeing, other attractions and rides were added through the years until it became the destination amusement park it is today! My father remembers swimming at Hersheypark’s pool as a child!

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